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  • 90 Day Challenge 1.0

    88 items

    My FIRST Bikini Body Mommy Challenge followed the birth of Finnley and gave rise to the BBM Community. Particpate along with me for our first BBM transformation journey.

  • 90 Day Challenge 2.0

    85 items

    Continuing with the momentum built over the course of previous 90 day challenge, Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 2.0 is by far one of the most motivating of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenges to follow for those who's goal is physical transformation! The challenge has three strength-based workouts and ...

  • 90 Day Challenge 3.0

    90 items

    After taking a six month break from filming, Briana came back with vengeance in Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 3.0! This challenge brought back the beloved Fit Test workouts as non-scale benchmarks of progress, and combined full-body workouts with a new super-set format that bumped up the intensity ...

  • 90 Day Challenge 4.0

    90 items

    No one knew it at the time of filming, but welcome to the Challenge that documented the first trimester of Briana's Pregnancy with Arwyn! Given the first trimester health issues Briana faced, the decreased intensity of this challenge (compared to earlier 90 day challenges) ended up being the perf...

  • 90 Day Challenge 5.0

    89 items

    Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 5.0 is the first workout series Briana filmed after she gave birth to Arwyn (baby number four). It is the perfect Challenge for other moms to follow who just gave birth and are looking for a realistic post-partum workout program to help them snap back into shape. This...

  • 90 Day Challenge 6.0

    85 items

    A continuation of Briana's 1 year postpartum journey after giving birth to Arwyn, Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 6.0 takes an intense 3-Phase approach to the transformation process over 90 days. This 90 day challenge features fit test workouts and my 3-phase progressive workout format (including su...

  • 90 Day Challenge 7.0

    78 items

    FILMED LIVE for the FIRST TIMER EVER in front of a global audience of MILLIONS... Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 7.0 kicks it up a notch with LIVE PARTICIPATION and an intense 3-Phase approach to the transformation process.

  • 90 Day Challenge 8.0

    82 items

    With Briana's newest arrival Everly, she once again begins her postpartum journey after giving birth only 10 weeks ago!

    Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 8.0 takes an intense 3-Phase approach to the transformation process over 90 days. Different from the other challenges though, Phase 3 breaks down...

  • 90 Day Challenge 9.0

    88 items

    Are you ready for the newest challenge from Briana Christine? Briana is taking it up another notch and pouring her heart and sweat into delivering another great challenge!

  • 90 Day Challenge 10

    92 items

    Are you ready for the newest challenge from Briana Christine? Briana's newest challenge after giving birth to her sixth child, Ryleigh!