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  • Kettlebell: Work It

    Kettlebell: Work It
    Total Time: 9:33 Min
    Exercise :40 Sec / Rest :20 sec

    1. Inch-worm Alternating One-Arm Press
    2. Kettlebell Thrusters
    3. Single Arm Bent-Over Row (right)
    4. Single Arm Bent-Over Row (left)
    5. Weighted Lunge (right)
    6. Weighted Lunge (left)
    7. Weighted Overhead Crunch
    8. Weighte...

  • Weekly Workout Playlist

    4 videos

    Each week a new line of our challenging videos will be posted to keep you excited!

  • 90 Day Challenge 10

    92 videos

    Are you ready for the newest challenge from Briana Christine? Briana's newest challenge after giving birth to her sixth child, Ryleigh!

  • Kids Workouts

    40 videos

    Physical fitness isn't just important for us, but for our children as well! So I've put together a list of all our workouts which include my children for you to easily access.

  • Legs & Booty

    1 video

    Our Legs & Booty series deliver workouts that will focus on toning your buttocks and tightening your legs!

  • Arm Series

    1 video

    AVAILABLE NOW! Tone and build your arm strength with the Arm Series!

  • Kettlebell

    2 videos

    Briana delivers a rigorous new series of workouts for kettlebells!

  • Restorative Flow

    0 videos

    COMING SOON! Take time for yourself to calm your inner thoughts, reflect on your well-being, and just breathe! Cleanse your mind and refresh your body with this Restorative Flow series!