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These new series are on there way and will be available soon!

  • 12 Days Of Elf-mas

    12 videos

    Come along on a magical exercise adventure with Santa's Little Helper! Power through the 12 Days Of Elf-mas, a workout routine that adds an extra move for each day of the challenge. There's no better way to spread your holiday cheer than sweating all over your family and joining our elf in his ...

  • Exercise Ball

    7 videos

    Briana delivers a rigorous new series of workouts for exercise balls!

  • Kettlebell: Work It

    Kettlebell: Work It
    Total Time: 9:33 Min
    Exercise :40 Sec / Rest :20 sec

    1. Inch-worm Alternating One-Arm Press
    2. Kettlebell Thrusters
    3. Single Arm Bent-Over Row (right)
    4. Single Arm Bent-Over Row (left)
    5. Weighted Lunge (right)
    6. Weighted Lunge (left)
    7. Weighted Overhead Crunch
    8. Weighte...

  • Kids Workouts

    40 videos

    Physical fitness isn't just important for us, but for our children as well! So I've put together a list of all our workouts which include my children for you to easily access.

  • Legs & Booty

    1 video

    Our Legs & Booty series deliver workouts that will focus on toning your buttocks and tightening your legs!

  • Arm Series

    1 video

    AVAILABLE NOW! Tone and build your arm strength with the Arm Series!

  • Kettlebell

    2 videos

    Briana delivers a rigorous new series of workouts for kettlebells!